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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Microsoft Releases Long Awaited Windows Vista

Microsoft reached the line of final Wednesday of maratón of five years to develop its greater-always product, Vista Windows.

The “launching to the manufacture” of the operating system also serves like the weapon that begins for a Sprint of 12 the 30 weeks to Ene, when he is available for the consumers.

The final version waited for for a long time of the software, that can drive possible nine outside 10 computers, was given extinguished to the computer manufacturers and to the salesmen of software, who must conclude the development and the test of its products to make sure they works with Vista. “Now which we have finished our work on the operating system, the rest of the ecosystem is going to strike with the foot in the high gear and to finish of the rest of the work of the compatibility,” Jim Allchin, Co-president of the division responsible for Windows, said during a call of conference with the reporters and the analysts Wednesday.

The computer manufacturers such as Hewlett-Packard immediately wants “the beginning that works with the process of the qualification,” said to Juan Dayan, a commercialization and vice president of the business-development with HORSEPOWERS. “Once we obtained the final small pieces, we go to traverse and we made sure that they align all our conductors and we are giving a product of high quality that is integrated completely with its operating system,” Dayan this. The companies are not from scratch, nevertheless.

Microsoft has sent to several versions near-end of east Vista year to help the companies to prepare itself. The revealers of the software that programs will be installed previously in the new computers of Vista are low most of pressure, said to Joe Wilcox, analyst with the Jupiter investigation. The “manufacturers of the PC will wish to do more than as soon as they prove Vista,” he said. “They will wish to prove everything that puts ignition the new computer.” Vista, the first new version of the operating system from Windows XP for five years, will be widely the 30 Ene available, Allchin this. Yes not Yes not Yes Microsoft is not preput to give the end item to the clients of the volume-license, mainly great businesses and organizations, before the 30 Nov.

The launching that the dates reflects a series of delays that plagued Vista and made in last Microsoft instance lack the station of the holiday, awhile dominant for the sales to by minor of the computer. Microsoft now faces an act that balances as it gives return upon the volume in the commercialization of Vista in the months that come, Wilcox this.

The announcements before and during the holidays it could put a friction in the sales of the PC - that can suffer already of the synchronization of the operating system - because the buyers can decide to hope until the 30 Ene, Wilcox de Vista said. But Microsoft still must obtain the message towards outside on the characteristics of Vista and persuading people to increase, Wilcox this. The company and the manufacturers of the PC are offering freely or discount the coupons Vista to populate who the PC of the purchase is available before the new system.

The meaning of Vista also extends Microsoft to financier results. The operation segment that includes Windows generated $10,16 billion in rent of operation during the last economic exercise. That one is 61 percents of the benefit of Microsoft. A new version of the Microsoft Office, the other important generator of the cash of the company, was sent to the manufacture Monday and is in he himself schedule that Vista. The action of Microsoft gained 3 cents in negotiating to regulate and 17 cents more in after market of the hours to touch $29 an overflow of 52 weeks. A exuberante Allchin, that has lead the development of Windows by 16 years and it is retiring with the completion of Vista, had a long list of accolades and superlative for Vista during the call of Wednesday conference. “We have made some great demands on Vista Windows, and I create truth that we will give them,” said Allchin, affirming it I am the more reliable operating system of the company to date. “He has experienced the test that any operating system of Microsoft we has always sent,” he said. The operating system of Windows, used in 93 percents of computers, is “plomería” that connects uses of the software such as equipment of average player and word processing of communicating with the impulsions of hard disk of the PC, the monitors, the printers and the other hardware.

The characteristics of Vista include the capacity to look for for all the types of archives in a PC, a network and the Internet in a step. It has a new using crystal interface “” and, joined with the right hardware, the capacities “mind-blowing” of the graphs, Allchin this. “The experience of the game in Vista Windows is going to go beyond consoles of those of the game and any thing before which it becomes,” he said. Microsoft has made an enormous investment in improving the security of all its products, particularly the operating system. The vulnerabilities of the security emerged Windows XP shortly after were sent. That stimulated Microsoft to construct an enormous package of the service - that some analysts say described like new version in his the own ones - to mend the holes. In order to assure the security Vista, the new practices that direct security-focused developed company and third used to evaluate potential risks to the system. Hackers said Allchin will continue their attacks against software and can find vulnerabilities in Vista possible. “Only people must much more finish upon the much more safe sensation and surely [with Vista] compared any thing before which we have always done,” he said in an interview video fixed Wednesday to channel 9, a Web site of Microsoft geared towards the revealers of software. In that interview, Allchin this Vista will represent incrementales improvements XP in some areas, specially if the users do not have long-range hardware to take advantage of him. The “operation is a mixed purse,” Allchin this. “If you have a machine of the under-memory, then, Vista Windows, depending on which you are doing, could be slower than XP, not dramatically, but it could be slower. As you obtain on 1 gig [of system memory], later Vista begins to separate rather dramatically of XP in operation terms.”


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