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Thursday, October 19, 2006

My Intro

Hello people. This is my first post on my brand new weblog and I thank for this free service. I'm really impressed that these guys (Google) can provide tons of free blogs to so many users. I wonder how much bandwidth they consume each day? I have been also thinking about how the owners of blogger can afford to host these millions of blog pages and how they get their income? Oh well, they might have deep pockets? probably!

Whelp, the important thing is that they can! and as long as there are people who enjoy blogging, blogger will be very happy.

Ok, what am I going to do here?

I'll blog my daily stories. True stories that I feel worth to share you. I will write stuffs that seems interesting to read and also to provide people with educational informations. You may be interested or not? I won't care.


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