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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Google Buys Youtube

So that it was not a rumor after everything, that it has been YouTube officially announced has been acquired by Google for the price under the dollars of $1,65 billion. Now, according to the press launching, everything is going to remain equal. Will as they remain two independent services and nobody are going to be outside a work. Of a point of the support of the commercialization, it is good Google as it chose to keep the name and the site from YouTube as it is. More people are to the current of the experience of YouTube and then community she would be of that one with Google Videos. Nevertheless, based by the commentaries on the news of Cyber Net, people of the article of the one of the “list of desire” wanted it to see with this acquisition is a putting in practice of the search of Google in YouTube. Unfortunately I cannot say that I have had the pleasure to try to make a search in YouTube.


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